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Web And Hosting is the oldest and the largest social media marketing company in dubai provides social media advertising, social media marketing and social media management services. Social media marketing, or SMM, is a form of  online marketing that involves creating and sharing content/posts on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals.


Our Digital Marketing plans

Social media and digital marketing are some of the most powerful tools of our day, and most companies are beginning to understand that. Social media presence is no longer optional. Any company that wants to move ahead and reach its target audience needs to have a social media presence. Dubai Design Centre is one of the top digital agencies in the UAE. Incorporating highly technical and creative digital marketing strategies to produce high level engagement with old, new and potential clients, we build your online brand so that your message is consistent across all major platforms. We conduct thorough research in order to understand your business as well as consumer behavior so as to create a community to which your clients feel proud to belong.

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Social media Marketing Services


Social media marketing includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos, and other content that drives audience engagement, as well as paid social media advertising i.e Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising,  Snapchat Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, Twitter Advertising, YouTube Advertising, Social Media Marketing Dubai, TikTok Advertising,Wechat Advertising Dubai, Reddit Advertising Dubai, Social Wifi, Social Media Marketing Agency Dubai. Social Media Advertising Dubai, Social Media Marketing UAE


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of channeling potential traffic to relevant online industries through wide-ranging social media platforms. Digital or social media is a 24/7 active and cost-free medium, where people talk, share, learn, debate and discuss over an exhaustive range of industries.

The growing impact of immersive social media engagement and digital trends has eliminated social barriers, unlocking new opportunities for companies to create brand awareness through effective social media marketing strategies. Many have adapted to this emerging strategic leap, ensuring that their digital web presence or social media engagement is optimal. However, huge number of companies still lacks impactful social media presence.

Social Media Management

Expert account management services for every major platform including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. GMI's management services will help you use the unique capabilities of each platform to connect with your users where it matters. Our social media specialists have the expertise, strategies and resources to build and sustain the presence your brand needs to accomplish your goals.


Social Media Content

We generate opportunities for greater reach, deeper engagement, and meaningful interactions with your followers with high-quality content customised for different platforms. Our team of Digital Super Specialists consisting of strategists, creators and storytellers weave brand moments together to create a story that makes your user the hero.

Influencer Marketing

We focus on certain key individuals within your audience who can influence the decisions of their followers. The purpose is simple: to increase sales of your product through positive word-of-mouth from someone whom your audience trusts. Through the combined expertise of our digital strategists, we gather insights into the purchase patterns of your audience and use this information to connect with the primary influencers in that segment.


A Leading SEO Company


With our seamless effort we are noted among the best SEO services. Whatever is your digital marketing requirement we are there to help you out. Our team of SEO expert will help you shape up your business to the heights of success.


Google SEO Services

Whether you own a small business or a big one, our Google SEO services will help you dominate Google search results without violating any Google guidelines. Let our professional SEO team make it possible for you.


eCommerce SEO Services

Do your products rank higher than your competitors do? Our affordable eCommerce SEO services will help your products rank higher than your competitors' rank and boost sales. Let our SEO experts ensure it for you.


Google Penalty Recovery

Has Google penalized your website? Our Google penalty recovery service will help your website rank higher again in Google search results. Our team of SEO experts will analyse penalty issues and fix them ASAP.

Google AdSense


Google AdSense services are a great and effortless way of earning extra income from your blogs or already published content. It is a platform that offers mutual benefits for the advertiser and the publisher. If you have hired a persuasive Google AdSense company, then it can contribute to maximizing your overall revenue.

Benefits Of Google AdSense:

Google AdSense provide benefits to the site advertisement host, advertiser and also to the visitors.


Pay according to the click and view


Expanded reach


Generate more traffic to site


Increases the visitors


Increase in ROI

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